professional stage lighting cheap price 150W Led Spot Moving Head Light

Aolait Lighting Co., Limited

150W Led Spot Moving Head Light

Item No.: AL150LS
150W Led Spot Moving Head Light is a new design moving head light. With smart appearance and intelligent performance. With gobo wheels and one color wheel, 3-facet prism.
DETAIL DMX Value Effect Vido
  150W High Output White LED
·             50,000 hours lifespan and low power consumption
·             Beam Angle 15°, focus function
·             High light output, 3450LUX@5M at White light
·             Temperature protect function, when the internal Temperature is up to 40° and then the fans begin to work, when the internal temperature is up to 70°and the brightness reduce half.
·             Color Wheel: 7 colors +white, rotation with variable direction and speed
·             1 static Gobo Wheel: 8 gobos +white, wheel rotation and shake
·             1 Rotation Gobo Wheel: 6 gobos +white, wheel rotation and shake
·             Prism: 3-facet Prism, bi-directionally rotatable at variable speeds 
·             High speed strobe effect with 1-25 flashers per second
·             Internal program available
·             16/14/12/10 DMX Channels USITT DMX-512
·             DMX 512, master-slave and sound activated controllable or auto operation
·             Colorful LCD display
·             Efficient low noise fan cooling system, Three –phase Motor speed of X-axis and Y-axis
·             POWERCON IN/OUT
·             3-pin XLR connectors IN/OUT
·             Two 1/4 turn fastening Omega Clamps
10/12/14/16/ CHANNELS
CH10 CH12 14CH 16CH Function  
CH1 CH1 CH1 CH1 Pan  
    CH2 CH2 Pan fine  
CH2 CH2 CH3 CH3 Tilt  
    CH4 CH4 Tilt  Fine  
CH3 CH3 CH5 CH5 X, Y speed  
CH4 CH4 CH6 CH6 LED Dimmer  
CH5 CH5 CH7 CH7 LED Strobe  
  CH8   CH10  6 rotation gobos +White  
  CH9   CH11 Gobo Rotation  
CH8 CH10 CH10 CH12 Focus  
CH9 CH11 CH11 CH13 Prism  
CH10 CH12 CH12 CH14 Prism Rotation  
    CH13 CH15 self-setting Program  
    CH14 CH16 Reset  

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